Thursday, July 19, 2012

Saefi Balad Serebu (Thousand Cities)

This is a powerful saefi but extremely difficult to control. Posted here for your reading pleasure only.

Below is the prayer:




Allahumma ma’alllahi nashirun ‘adai syaroha qodirun aminun ya robbal’alaminal wakilussami’ul hakimul mutakabirur-rofi’ulkhobiru birohmatika ya arhamar rohimin.

The benefits:

1.      When you are facing with many enemies, then you will have many unseen helping hands.

2.      When you are ambushed by your enemies, they only attack your shadow while you are unharmed.

3.      Turn sand/green beans/taro to soldiers.

4.      Invulnerability to all sorts of weapons including fire arms.

5.      Invulnerability to small fire but of lesser power than Saefi Api (fire).

6.      Invulnerability to strike by hard objects.

7.      Having the sound of thunder as heard by your opponent.

8.      Having super authority.

9.      Able to lift heavy objects.


1.      Fast for 21 days starting on Friday. Repeat the process for 3x.

2.      Avoid eating meat. Consume only 3 pieces of green chilli with plain water.

3.      Recite Saefi after each of the obligatory prayers for 3333x, and 13113x at midnight.

4.      On the last day, cannot sleep or eat, consume only plain water.

5.      At noon after performing sholat, prepare same cones made of yellow rice and jago chicken to be feasted to all who visit you.


  1. Hi !

    This one is very cool...but ULTRA hard to accomplish...

    Do you mean REAL "Grain's of Sand" into Soldiers !?!

    But what exaclty are "Saefi's" ??

    It seems to me, that some of them are especially useful in war/against enemies...

    Are these are some kind of "prayer's" or "recitation's" ??

    Thank you for your precious time !

    Emir M. Badri

  2. Hi!

    Yes. This is an advance practice. As the manual says correctly, you can turn sand into soldiers "if and only if" you can compelte the ritual ;-)

    Saefis are high level of Hikmah prayer, it is fast acting, much faster than the hizibs and asmas.

    In old days, when things are not very certain then you will appreciate these type of prayers.

    Thank you for visiting.