Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Saefi Lahut

Saefi Lahut :

"Ya saaliha haylu hatmin ajib ya khafyaaiila 'as'afyaaiila ana allahu rabbul 'alamiina al-maliku al-jabbaru al-muta'aalu ya kalkaayiila bihaqqi muntadzirin"

Saefi Lahut is amongst the rarest of ilmu Saefi. With this Saefi Allah has created the realm of 'Arsy and Kursi. This Saefi is given by Allah to Nabi Ishaq A.S. and Saefi Lahut is served by 3 khodam from Malaikat Ruhanny: Khofyail, As'afyail and Kalkayail.

The benefits of Saefi Lahut is when this saefi is recited for 4100x then a breath is blown to both palms and the whole body is rubbed; then this person will be invisible in the eyes of all being including human, jinn, animal etc. It is suffice to recite Saefi Lahut 3x to be visible again.

When Saefi Lahut is recited at midnight for 1313x for 7 days, then you will be able to see through 7 layers of earth.

When Saefi Lahut is recited 11x, then you will be protected from the harm of all creatures, all type of weapons and etc.

If Saefi Lahut is recited for 2012x on friday night, then whatever jinn you like to summon, then it will come to you.

There are many more benefits from Saefi Lahutiyyah, no one knows them except Allah SWT.

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